Building for Participation – Umbrellium


With Usman Haque who is a founding partner of Umbrellium, LCC had an interesting lecture in terms of ‘Building for Participation’ in many ways by basically using interactive technologies as well as various media. It was quite connected with recent researches of my course. I think this is just not a coincidence. Design Participation(DP) is certainly more important than before with the ongoing development of technologies. Countless questions from many students can demonstrate it compared to other lectures.


Design participation tactics – Yanki Lee


I strongly sympathise with the second one mentioned this paper, which is an article related to design participation tactics written by Yanki Lee. More design researches are being conducted by outsiders (other experts, not designers) than insiders (designers). This situation is inducing that more design, especially design participation, is concerned with the effects and influence of designing than its form which is hugely important in design. As mentioned above, if there is more professional designer involvement, user research could become more creative in the near future.

Yanki, L. (2007) Design participation tactics: the challenges and new roles for designers in the co-design process.